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Le Printemps des Artistes – PDA

The Printemps des Artistes -PDA- is an initiative of Istanbul Accueil, an important french association
for the french speaking community in Istanbul. The PDA is an ongoing charitable art exhibition, which takes place every spring : The exhibition has been organized together with Sainte Pulchérie school for the last 12 years. The aim of the event is twofold: to unveil artists residing in Istanbul, and to raise funds in order to support charity initiatives. Over the years, PDA has become a cultural meeting point for the french speaking and international expat community, as well as for francophiles and artistic turkish circles.

For the 12th edition of the Printemps des Artistes, we have selected 12 artists amongst which 8 painters, 2 sculptors and 2 photographers.

An exhibition for charity
All exhibited artworks will be for sale. 30% of the proceeds will be donated to two charities, the Lape Hospital and Darüssafaka.


LAPE Hospital (Fransız Lape Hastanesi)

Lape Hospital has been operating in Istanbul since 1857. The hospital was donated to the Sisters of Saint Vincent in 1902 by Sultan Abdul Hamid II. Its main purpose is to treat patients with psychiatric disorders. It is still run by the Sisters of Charity and operates exclusively thanks to private donations.

Sainte Pulchérie school was also founded by the Sisters of Charity in 1846 and is therefore happy to help its sister institution.




Turkey’s first non-governmental educational organization changes lives by providing quality education to underprivileged students, who have lost (at least) one of their parents. It is guided by the mission of Changing Lives through Education, and since 1863 it has provided a modern education for thousands of students at Darüşşafaka Schools.

This association operates exclusively thanks to private donations.